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The Cancer Warriors Foundation is a volunteer group dedicated to building awareness and spreading the advocacy of advancing the fight against childhood cancers. The foundation's goal is to help ensure that poor and disadvantaged Filipino children stricken with cancer get access to treatments so they are able to have a chance to conquer the disease.



Founder James Auste was stricken with brain cancer in 1996 when he was 19 years old. Upon recovery he resolved to help others fight cancer as well. Together with other individuals committed to the cause, Cancer Warriors Foundation was founded in 2000.


Cancer Warriors Foundation has five strategies called FIGHT:

  • F for facilitating increased awareness and understanding of childhood cancers, with emphasis on early detection, proper management and care.
  • I for initiating programs and activities that inspire cancer patients, survivors and their families.
  • G for generating support and proactive involvement from various sectors in the information, education and communication, and advocacy on childhood cancers.
  • H for helping ensure that poor and underprivileged children with cancer have access to timely diagnosis, proper treatment and quality care.
  • T for taking the lead in strengthening links and encouraging resources involved in cancer prevention and care.

Programs and Activities

Cancer Warriors Foundation is involved in programs and activities that aims to help children beat cancer. Some of these include:

The foundation has chapters in Batangas, Bicol, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Davao, and Dumaguete.

Volunteer Programs

Cancer Warriors Foundation holds monthly activities for children with cancer, assisted by volunteers and partner companies.

Noche Buena baskets are distributed to their wards' families every Christmas. The group also tries to grant the children's wishes, which can be made possible through monetary donations.

Funding helps the group increase the number of children in their care, grant scholarships and micro-financing for families.

Cancer education is also an advocacy of Cancer Warriors Foundation. In partnership with the International Union Against Cancer, the group empowers barangay health workers to be more active in the early detection of childhood cancer signs and symptoms. Local pediatric hematologists or pediatric oncologists are tapped as guest speakers.

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