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In the past, she bit the arm of a neighbor. Then she complained of non-payment of her salary as AIDS educator. Then her having a tatoo made the headlines.

And in the year 1996, some more "Secrets of Sarah Jane" (the title of a movie based on her life) were revealed.

Some tabloids ran stories that she complained to the police about her 16-year old "live-in" boyfriend, Richie Atizado, allegedly beating her. Later she told the media that she was two months pregnant from another man. In the television show "Action 9," she claimed that she drank herbal concuction - pamparegla - to abort the fetus.

Even Pasay City Councilor Justo Justo, her "guardian," has turned against Sarah Jane. The two had their share of "media wars." She allegedly has threatened to inject people in shopping malls and other public places with HIV-contaminated blood.

Sarah Jane's story received the distinction of being "fullblown" in media. The custody of her boyfriend, Richie, was in question. He chose to be with Sarah Jane than with his mother. Pasay folks kicked her out of the neighborhood. She returned to Bahay Lingap, a residence for people with HIV/AIDS, but her boyfriend cannot stay there. Then she chose to be with Richie and stayed out of Bahay Lingap. Recently, she developed the ire of other people with HIV/AIDS, particularly members of the Pinoy Plus.

HIV/AIDS issues like compassion for and human rights of people with AIDS (PWA) as opposed to the safety of the community from PWAs were being debated.

More importantly, Sarah Jane Salazar had ceased to be a role model for HIV/AIDS prevention. The gains of HIV/AIDS prevention and control efforts in the country might just be hampered by the revelation of more secrets of Sarah Jane.


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