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Routine Immunization Schedule for Infants

Vaccine Minimum Age
at 1st Dose
Number of Doses Minimum Interval
Between Doses
1. BCG Birth or anytime
after birth
1 BCG given at the earliest
possible age protects
against the possibility of
TB infection from other
family members.
2. DPT 6 weeks 3 4 weeks An early start with DPT
reduces the chance of
severe pertussis
3. OPV 6 weeks 3 4 weeks The extent of protection
against polio is increased
the earlier OPV is given
4. Hepatitis B 6 weeks 3 4 weeks An early start of
Hepatitis B reduces the
chance of being infected
and becoming a carrier
5. Measles 9 months 1 At least 85% of measles
can be prevented by
immunization at this age


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