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Project Brave Kids is a non-profit volunteer group dedicated to helping children with cancer and their families improve their quality of life through the enhancement of their social, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Project Brave Kids supports children being treated at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC), with its core programs implemented and closely coordinated with the hospital administration and the Section of Hematology and Oncology.



Project Brave Kids was started by Paul and Sigrid Perez in November 2005 after their then three-year-old son Seve was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. At the Philippine Children's Medical Center (PCMC), they observed families from low-income households challenged with the high cost of treatment. Some children underwent procedures without anesthesia. Inspired by the fighting spirit of Seve and other courageous children battling cancer, Project Brave Kids was founded.

Programs and activities

Project Brave Kids runs four programs called SEVE:

  • S for Social and Family Life Support Program
  • E for Education
  • V for Values Formation
  • E for Endowment

Birthdays, Christmas parties and Family Day celebrations are some activities the community prepares for the children and their families every year. In 2008, Project Brave Kids held a Secret Santa Bazaar. As the children's physical conditions limited them from participating in the event, the identities of their gift-giving benefactors were kept anonymous.

Habing Buhay is one program of Project Brave Kids that aims to help parents augment their income as a means to further sustain their child's tests and treatments.

The Simbulan Fund program aims to help children in need of constant blood transfusion. The fund was started by a couple who lost their son to complications of Fanconi anemia.

Project Brave Kids has also established a full chemotherapy support program. This takes care of all medicine costs required by chemotherapy.

Volunteer Programs

Volunteering for Project Brave Kids can be done in several ways. As a volunteer, one can join an intercessory prayer service, a prayer group to provide the child and her family with spiritual support. A volunteer can also provide hospice care, visiting and comforting the terminally ill and their families.

  • As a camp volunteer, one can assist families and facilitate activities during the community's annual summer camp.
  • A special occasion volunteer can assist in watching a patient during special occasions so her parent or parents can take a day for him or herself.
  • As a benefactor, an individual can join the fund-raising program “Isang daan bawat buwan, isang buhay maaagapan”.

The program aims to recruit five thousand participants to commit one hundred pesos a month over a three-year duration. With three years as the average period to complete a chemotherapy program, chemotherapy treatments are more certain to be sustained. A donor can support any of the community's programs through one-time donations. As a partner, a corporation can work with and support the community's core programs. As an advocate, a volunteer can execute his own activities such as food fairs and garage sales that can help raise funds for the community's programs.

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