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Before I begin my 7 hints, I believe it had be a great idea to explain to you why precisely I decide to download music officially in place of use file sharing sites illegally.

In addition to the content being great quality, you obtain a feeling of support that the file you are downloading is 100% legal, and genuinely free. Perhaps more significantly, I can also be confident that a virus is not making itself at home on my computer as I open my new music file for the first time.

I also feel more involved with the music I down load and the artists behind it. If you choose safe music downloads, you are supporting an artist, and lowering the cost of future downloads for yourself and the others - helping everybody down load music legally for free.

I also understand though that it really is difficult to find respectable, first material, and the search to download free music legally is a difficult one!

Therefore, I can perhaps not stop you if you decide on illegal music downloads, but I can give you some valuable advice from personal experience on why you might like to compare your options, the some tips I have picked up on how to rapidly find safe music downloads.

You may consider visiting Paginas Para Descargar Musica Gratis before following those tips below.

1) Watch out for Free Safe Music Downloads

Be very vigilant when you read this everywhere, and thoroughly check out any site offering the capability to download free music legally! Avoid swapping and trading sites just like the plague - even when a few people are sharing legitimately, the information offered are frequently illegal, and most of the time, you'll end up with a slightly-off, poor quality variation of the track you put down to get.

These web sites are also a hacker's favourite way to distribute their malicious computer software, which can often surpass a lot of anti-virus computer software - so even if you lay out only to find safe music downloads, and had every intent to download music legally, you may possibly get significantly more than you bargained for!

2) Make Friends with Public Domain

Let us face it, you have in all probability searched a whole lot right now, and there are not many places that really offer safe music downloads, or a way to download free music legally.

Even though you'll mostly find older songs here, and lots of recordings from gigs where bands allowed fans to record their performances, it is possible to search for what is recognized as 'public domain recordings' from a trusted site like

Step 3 - Be considered a Loyal Lover

It really is rare these days for groups and artists - especially those less well known - perhaps not to have a site or web site of some form. Hunt for the favourite record labels and artists, and explore their websites. When they have a mailing list, make sure you grab the chance to subscribe.

In addition to being one of the first to listen to about your favourite artists' tours and upgrades, lots - particularly smaller labels or independent unsigned artists, offer promotional free safe music downloads through their mailing lists or directly from their websites.

Step 4 - Get Social

Chances are, you'll have at the very least heard about MySpace, in the event that you have not already got a profile there. If you usually do not, we suggest you do - MySpace is home to tens of a large number of musicians waiting to talk about their sound with you.

You'll have the ability to listen for free, of course, if you do your bit to aid less well known artists by posting them a remark, or even offering to write them an evaluation, many people could be more than content to send you a free of charge track in exchange!

The only trouble with MySpace is that there was such a wide range to choose from, you can quickly get lost trying to find a sound you like - make sure you have a strong thought of the genre or artists' names before you explore the depths of MySpace.

Step 5 - Find your Private Radio Station

If you are not entirely certain who you had like to search for, attempt a Google search for Last FM,, or download Spotify - two great ways to find your perfect fashion. These are 2 instances of the few websites that will stream your personal tastes of music for free, for so long as you want.

Find a new favourite artist, and then download their material for a low cost - you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are guaranteed a safe music down load, and also supporting a great artist.

Step 6 - Safe Music Downloads in Offline Promotions

Keep your eyes peeled for promotions and offers in the offline world involving free music - big brands have now been known to give away free iTunes credits, whilst many others give codes and download links to those who participate in their promotions, which means more safe music downloads.

Measure 7 - Find The 'Hidden Gems' of Legal Music Download Sites Online

As I have said, it is nearly impossible to find good quality, free and legal music downloads, whilst it can be fairly hard to find places that offer safe music downloads at an affordable cost. You'll need to do some searching, and go for web sites who directly work with artists. This manner, you know you are getting the original, supreme quality untouched track, and the artists are getting something in exchange for the effort they put in to giving you the music you enjoy.

But how will you know when you are finding them?

Web sites like these generally feature only a few special artists, and pay a lot of attention to their quality of service and their demonstration. After a while, you'll get to know how to see web sites like these quickly amongst the others, I would simply be being mean if I did not start you off!

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