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The Philippine Institute for the Deaf (PID) is a private school run by the Sergia G. Esguerra Memorial Foundation (SEMFI) . The Philippine Institute for the Deaf helps children with hearing impairment or are hard of hearing learn to speak and listen. These children come from families who are financially-challenged to shoulder the expenses incurred in enrolling to school with facilities that will help them achieve skills to be able to communicate properly.




The Philippine Institute for the Deaf’s programs include teaching children with auditory impairment to orally express themselves to be able to help them get socially integrated. Various services are available from the Philippine Institute for the Deaf: a speech laboratory, assessment center, support services for caregivers, special education services, computer laboratories for children and adults as well as a training center for the students.

It also has the Miracle Theater which plays a big part in their yearly onstage production and performance. These children perform onstage every year and show that they too can dance, act, sing, and do things that highlight their speaking abilities. These yearly onstage performances help them raise funds for scholarships.

PID has pre-scanning procedures to assess the hearing impairment and the level of speech that a child being assessed has. PID also has a pre-school curriculum set to meet the standards set for the National Elementary Achievement Test.

The children enrolled with PID are being taught sound isolation in the English language using the Northampton Sounds Chart Methodology. One-on-one sessions are being held to ensure that the children are able to learn the proper inflection, pronunciation, articulation and syllabication of the words.

The Philippine Institute for the Deaf continues to give these various services to children with hearing impairment to help them achieve their potential in the regular classroom setting and to help them be fully integrated into society. Some of PID’s graduates are now professionals.

The success of these children who avail these services also depends on the amount and quality of support they get from the significant persons in their lives, mainly family and guardians. They need to work hand-in-hand to support the children and help them achieve their potentials.

Sergia G. Esguerra Memorial Foundation

The Sergia G. Esguerra Memorial Foundation (SEMFI) is a non-stock corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide speech, language and rehabilitation services to those with hearing impairment. Programs aim to help these children achieve academic skills and social integration. Esguerra pioneered deaf education in the country.

Julie Gutierrez Esguerra

Julie G. Esguerra is the founder and the executive director of the Philippine Institute for the Deaf which is recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd). Esguerra graduated with a degree in Elementary education from the Philippine Normal University. She was awarded “Teacher of the Year Award” in Antonio Luna Elementary School and studied speech pathology at the San Jose California State University before establishing PID. After the death of Sergia Esguerra, she continued the mission in helping the hearing-impaired children.

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